Dental Care

Often overlooked, dental care is very important to your pets' overall health.

The mouth is the access point to a lot of other organs and systems in the body, which is why maintaining your pet’s oral hygiene is crucial if you want to ensure a healthy life for your pet. Even with regular check-ups & exams for your pet, you must make sure to schedule dentist appointments, too. Your pet’s oral health is linked to many other bodily functions, and a healthy mouth can ensure good overall health for your pet.

Pet Dental Cleaning

How is Dental Health Related to Other Diseases?

When bacteria enter the mouth, they may get access to the bloodstream via which they can enter other organs – if oral hygiene is not maintained. Tooth cavities, tooth decay, bleeding gums, plaque, and infections are all signs that you need to take your pet for a visit to the dentist. Heedlessness may lead to bad breath (which may be a sign of something far more serious) and even painful tooth loss.

When to Visit the Pet Dentist?

Many pets hide their excruciating pain. This is a part of their evolutionary process. Animals hide pain as an instinct to avoid being seen as weak and becoming prey to predators. This means that even if your pet is eating and drinking normally, it is not a cue to skip the dentist’s appointment.


Generally, we recommend annual visits if he/she is less than 9 years old, and every 6 months after the age of 9. We provide dental care plans so you can properly take care of your pet’s oral hygiene at home. Once your pet’s plaque build-up starts becoming difficult to remove, even after vigorous and regular brushing, you need to schedule an appointment with our licensed pet dentist for a professional cleaning. Even without any apparent trouble, yearly dental exams are recommended to prevent any future problems, which may otherwise have serious repercussions.

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