Pet Aftercare

We are here to help guide you on the best path forward for your beloved pet.

The most difficult choice a pet owner must make is the choice to euthanize their pet due to a terminal illness or injury which impairs the animal’s quality of life.

At Aurora North Pet Clinic in Ontario, we provide humane euthanasia and end of life services for your beloved pet to ease their suffering and give them a few days of peace and happiness with you before the final goodbye. If you see that your pet’s last days are approaching or that they are in too much pain to survive, you can contact us at our pet clinic. We will help you choose the best way forward for your pet.

End of Life

How Can We Help?

If you decide to care for your pet at home so that they spend the last days with their loved ones, we will give you a care plan to minimize their pain and discomfort. If you see signs of pickiness while eating or bouts of self-isolation, you may be witnessing your pet’s aftercare. Give us a call and let us guide you on how to make these days comfortable for your beloved furry friend.

However, some conditions may mean that you cannot care for your pet at home and that they need to be shifted to hospice care. Hospice care requires dedication and supervision, and you need all the help you can get. This is usually when your pet is suffering from a terminal illness, and there is no cure – which is why the last days of your pet are supervised with diet plans and medications to enable them to pass on with dignity.

But sometimes, even hospice care is not enough, and the suffering of your pet is too much. That is when the most humane option is euthanasia to eliminate the suffering. We will examine your pet and provide options, depending on their present condition and the deterioration of their illness.

It is natural to grieve your pet, and as a clinic that handles pets, we can understand your grief and pain. We are here for you if you feel like reaching out to someone to support you.

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