Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition and diet is the key to a healthier lifestyle for your pet.

Just because your pet is running around happily doesn’t always give the whole story. They could be facing some deficiencies or trouble in daily bodily functions without letting you know.


A balanced diet for your pet is always our first preference, rather than prescribing medications. At our pet clinic in Ontario, Canada, we also carry specific formulas, tailored to ailments such as diabetes, urinary care, and sensitive teeth. Your pet will benefit immensely from the formula itself before there is any need for medicine to be prescribed.

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Our Pet Nutrition & Diet Services

Our nutrition & diet consultants will be happy to examine your cat or dog and prescribe a suitable diet for your dog or cat. You don’t need to worry about the taste of the formulas we provide because these have evolved to suit the refined nature of your animal’s taste buds.


At our pet clinic, we provide a variety of nutrition & diet services, including nutritious foods and nutritional counselling. You can drop by at our clinic or call on our given contact number to inquire about:

The right type of food and the right amount of food both play an essential part in your pet’s health. You, as a pet owner, will also be concerned about the cost of your pet’s food formulas and diet prescriptions. That is why the experts at Aurora North Pet Clinic are available to help you choose the best, most budget-friendly foods that would meet your pet’s nutrition needs. Our pet nutrition experts can even put together a diet chart to make it easier for you to help your pet.

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